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Cardio-Debate provides independent, balanced and expert opinions on controversial cardiological issues across the spectrum of cardiovascular disease. At it's core, Cardio-Debate aims to generate scientific and clinically relevant material to assist healthcare professionals in patient management by allowing physicians to gather objective, evidence-based information necessary for sound diagnostic planning and effective therapeutic decision making.

Cardio-Debate.com is a useful educational resource where cardiologists, clinical practitioners, hospital doctors with an interest in the cardiovascular field, nurse practitioners and medical trainees -  can find relevant up to date information and practical advice, particularly in areas where controversy or even confusion exist at present. Cardio-Debate is a user-friendly site that can help health professionals to sail through the sea of information –not infrequently contradictory or biased- available in the medical literature.

Cardio-Debate’s Educational Programmes cover most of the cardiovascular field in the form of short articles with expert commentaries - Cardio Notes -, 1 to 1 video interviews - Cardio Interviews -, round table discussions - Cardio Debates - and presentations - Cardio Conferences -.

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