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Mini Courses are educational programmes - a selection of cardio notes and interviews - specially designed around a specific topic and presented in the form of brief articles on controversial and novel issues in cardiology, incorporating views from world leading experts.
A new educational perspective
2015-06-23 by programme coordinator Dr Diego Kaski

This educational programme focuses on putative mechanistic links between epilepsy and cardiovascular disease, raises clinically relevant questions about anti-epileptic drug use in the context of cardiac disease, and addresses unresolved issues of practical importance in this area of “neuro-cardiology”.

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2015-03-11 by programme coordinator Prof Juan Carlos Kaski

Managing chronic stable angina pectoris continues to represent a challenge to the practicing physician. Novel anti-angina agents have been incorporated to our therapeutic arsenal in recent years. Ranolazine is one of such agents with novel mechanisms of actions. This programme focuses on the indications, contraindications and practical use of this agent in clinical practice. General practitioners, hospital consultants and clinical-academics contribute their expert views and practical suggestions in this online educational programme.

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